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    Review Of Ryders 2 new songs Hard Time and Crash and burn

    “Hard Time” is what rock n roll should be hard-hitting, head moving and getting you pumped. The way the music goes together is something rarely heard these days.  “Hard Time” makes you go back in time when rock was just that Rock with badass lyrics when you listen to “Hard Time” you feel like you run the town it energizes you in a way music doesn’t do nowadays. This song is and always will be on my personal face list.

    “Crash and Burn” has a smooth more relaxed take almost a sort of flip to “Hard Time” but this gets you singing along and moving your body “Crash and Burn” has an almost country-rock sound going on but both are bringing back classic rock with a modern feel if I needed to give them a rating it would be 11/10 and I am proud to be spinning both

    09 Apr , 2020 @ 3 41 am | Artist, Maria, Music, new songs, news

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