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    James Gruft Interview

    A couple of days ago I was reached out too about a quite interesting singer and decided to give him an interview so others can learn more about him. His name is James Gruft Below is the interview Included below is his social media links. Please give it a read and check this awesome singer out
    What got you started in music?
    At the age of nine, I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I thought Moon River was the most beautiful song I ever heard and I started writing music from that point on. 
    Who was your main influences and why?
    I loved Jack Bruce’s voice, the Beatles and Stones, and Beach Boys competing and Beethoven absolutely blew my mind like his music was injected into my bloodstream. 
    What has the journey been like?
    Frustrating, so many groups blew up on my face, but the music kept coming. 
    How do you find your style of writing has changed from when you started to present?
    Musically, I used to write very complex musical lines with almost atonal chord changes. Now I  write more simple lines, more melody dominated. However, I’ve been told several times that my music sounds like me,  “gruftian”
    What has been the hardest about getting music out?
    Not being famous. 
    What is your favorite song or album so far and why?
    I love Radiohead’s earlier stuff, Peter Gabriel’s UP, the Band, Leonard Cohen  – beautiful music that makes you think and feel = art. I also like Panic at the Disco’s stuff. 
    How is the virus affecting you creatively?
    It isn’t although I needed the break. 
    How do you think this virus will change you? (ie more song ideas etc) ?
    I started writing more politically but it’s not done. 
    What has been the biggest turning point for you as an artist so far?
    Knowing it will always be about my struggle with God, mortality, and the journey of my spirit. 
    What was the inspiration behind Love me now?
    Wanting to be forgiven for all my trespasses and be loved anyway. 
    What are your goals for the upcoming months?
    Another album another band.
    Any plans for new songs?
    Always. I have enough for several more albums. 
    What can fans expect in the next few months?
    If they want I can start releasing newer tunes. 
    Do you plan on trying to tour more after the dust settles?
    If the demand is there. 
    Instagram – jamesharrisgruft

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