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    Neverland is a New Wave Grunge band with Punk Rock/
    Metalcore influences formed in 2018 in France.
    The band’s made of Abel (guitar/vocals), Kelyan [Key] (drums)
    and Kilian [Kai] (bass/back vocals).
    But first, Neverland is three friends passionate about music and
    Nostalgic for the days of Hard rock and other Grunge and
    Thrash metal, this trio brings a resurrection to the modified
    DNA of this sound straight from the 90’s.
    With its energetic play and its own universe, Neverland’s
    waiting for you to join the journey.

    1:What got you started in music ?
    We’re all passionate about music and we always were.
    We kinda wanted to do that forever y’know.

    2:How did neverland come to be ?

    (Abel): I started to play in a band in High school, but it didn’t
    work out so well y’know, and then about a year after that, I got
    introduced to Kelyan via a common friend of us and it matched!
    Then the former bassist joined the band but we had to split
    ways y’know, then Kilian joined about a month afterwards and
    here we are!

    3:Why did you choose this name ?
    We loved the idea of a world where kids don’t grow up y’know,
    with all the stuff going on, it’s great to be a kid sometimes,
    innocence is bliss.

    1:What has been hardest about getting music out ?
    Finding our signature, make sure that the songs were a part of
    us (and they are). I mean like making sure that the songs are
    written with the heart.
    We’re from towns where our style isn’t fashion 101 y’know but
    basically we managed to get it out quite easily thanks to the
    great people we met at the right times I guess.

    2:Tell us a bit about the newest song “Dreamer”
    (Abel): It’s like a definition of the word itself, what it represents
    to us. I mean we could say the song’s about a man who’s seeing
    everything going off the rails around him, but he doesn’t pay
    attention y’know, he’s a dreamer, we’re all dreamers too!

    3:What is your process to writing music ?
    Basically, one of us come up with an idea he had, a draft, most
    of the time the guitar and the vocals and then we kinda build
    the songs around it.
    It’s a lot about feelings, we don’t pay attention to scales and
    stuff like that. When the whole sound good enough for us, we
    call it a day and sometimes we come back to it later on and
    modify, rearrange things y’know but not that often, we’re kinda
    lazy (:’)).

    1:What are the goals for the band ?
    Keep writting music as good as we can, playing live as much as
    possible and keep the fun going on man! That’s all that matters.

    2:What are the plans for new albums ?
    The EP just got out y’know, but we got enough material to
    make an album and a precise idea of what it’ll be. We’re
    working on it.

    3:What can fans expect in the next few years ?
    Well, to hear from us again for sure, new songs, a lot of gigs,
    albums… and a video clip soon!

    4:Do you plan on touring ?
    Yeah! It’s kinda hard for now due to the actual health situation
    around the world and the lockdown in our country, but as soon
    as we have the occasion, we hit the road man! That’s probably
    what we prefer, y’know, travelling, playing live, it’s a feeling we
    live for.


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