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    What got you started in music: Co 

    We were all very into music and the lifestyle that goes with it being young. Personally, it was always a goal to play the melodies and beats I heard in my head. Forcing it into something that exist and can be shared was always the coolest thing imaginable.

    How did Kung Fu Romeo come to be:

    Kris and I (Tomy) met through our girlfriends at the time. We talked about getting something started, but I just got back from a few years travelling and Kris felt like the band he was in didn’t progress quickly enough. We then started jamming together and composing right away. I can’t count the number of nights spent playing for 8 to 10 hours in a row. Bloody fingers was a very common thing. We met our 1st bassist extraordinaire Keven Fu and started playing gigs shortly after. He is the one you can hear on our Black Belt EP. We had another excellent bass player, Zack Fu, play with us on the Vice album. He performed a bunch of gigs with us, but had to move back to N-B last year so we had to fill that spot again. Right now, we are lucky enough to have met a superstar in Felipe Fu. The man plays bass like he always knew our songs.

    What does the name Kung Fu Romeo mean why did you choose this name:

    Many years ago I was playing guitar with The Idiot Pretenders and we entered a phase where new members were coming in and a new name was needed. There was a few good ones in there, but to me, only one was worth it, Kung Fu Romeo. It almost made it to the end, but when the project failed to become a thing, I kept the name to myself for future use. Then, after I started playing with Kris, it was a no brainer.

    What has the journey been like with the band :

    Being based in Quebec city, although the music scene is way better now than it once was, the journey of a DIY funk rock band can be difficult. It’s always about building an audience and making a name for yourself. It took a good deal of perseverance on our part to keep become relevant, but now people come to us to be part of gigs and music festivals. It feels like we finally are at a level where we can do what we want and just keep being real and do our thing.

    What has been hardest about getting music out:

    The financial aspect really is what slowed down our progress and evolution. We’ve been playing together for many year, but unless you join an already established scene, it’s quite hard to make a name for yourself and earn money playing gigs. This is the reason why our recordings are that far apart. This is bound to change though. I am building a recording studio right now that will be called La Plume Noire. It will obviously serve KFR first but it will also be available at a low price for any interesting band in a similar situation.

    How is the virus affecting you guys here in Quebec:

    I guess it’s a little like everywhere else. Most people are staying home, but we also were witness to weirdos hoarding TP. Quebec City not being too crowded, it’s still feasible to go out, walk the dog and see absolutely no one. It’s a good moment to think creatively and come up with melodies.

    What are the goals for the band:

    Produce more and more. Record more and more. We simply want to let our sound evolve and share it with the most amount of people we can

    Are there plans for new albums:

    Yes! This summer probably is too soon with the studio being built and the COVID-19 crisis still being part of our life, but next Fall/Winter is an excellent time to stay indoor and record some tunes.

    What can fans expect in the next few years:

    Evolution in our sound. We don’t tie ourself to a certain genre and we definitely want to explore different things. Slower, moody melodies to rougher and abrasive beats. No matter what, we’ll keep recording

    Do you plan on trying to tour more after the dust settles:

    Yes! We are already trying to set a tour that would get us to Montreal, Ottawa & Toronto. But the eastern Atlantic provinces are also really appealing.




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