• Artist


    Artist, Maria

    Hard Rock
    Band Members
    Robert Wall – Vocals / Guitar
    Christopher Wall – Lead Guitar / Keys
    Bass – Clarence Wells Most
    Drums – Izac Pearson
    Somerville, NJ
    Record Label
    ZB Records
    Wall Of Sound Music (BMI)
    Melodic Hard Rock for your Soul
    “RECWALL” is the solo project of singer and guitar player Christopher Wall. Chris was the lead singer and lead guitar player in the New York City based hard rock band, Zen Bender (1992-1996) and the lead singer for As It Iz (1997-2000) – another hard rock quartet. He is now recording and releasing a large backlog of solo material. While he released to public three albums of demo material between 2000 and 2002, “Sensory Telepathy”, “Here and Now”, and “Acoustica”, the album “Voices” is his first official fully produced and mastered solo release. Not unlike Zen Bender and As It Iz, Chris’ solo material is mainly melody and groove driven hard rock. “Voices” was released on October 20th of 2017. RECWALL’s follow up album, titled “Nomad” will be released in early 2018.
    Founding Date
    Booking Agent
    Robert Wall

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