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    Artist, Maria, MONTREAL

    (438) 405-9035
    Band Members
    Guitars / Lead Vocals: Chris P
    Bass / Backing Vocals: Corrado
    Lead Guitar: Gregory Gallagher
    Drums/Percussion: Rodrigo Ramos
    Montreal, Canada
    A juicy mixture of psych, rock, reggae and funk with a hint of attitude. Bunch of lads based out of montreal
    Arcaydium is one of those bands that touch on a little bit of everything. Rock, Reggae, Psychedelia, Pop, Hard Rock, Funk and alternative genres as well.Singer/Songwriter Chris P started writing songs in high school. After performing in his high school variety show, he formed a band with longtime friend Daniel Charbonneau on drums. After rehearsing together for a while under the name “mild turbulence” during the summer of 2016, the duo met Bassist “Corrado J”, and immediately began finishing songs under a new name, “Arcaydium”.Throughout 2017, Arcaydium played many shows and competitions around montreal with various lineups. Near the end of summer, Matthew Couillard joined in on Lead guitar, adding his unique style and touch to the songs. He has been with the band since.Charbonneau left the band for personal reasons during fall 2017 before Arcaydium embarked on a local tour. After hiring live musicians for the tour, Arcaydium held auditions for a new drummer during december 2017. Rodrigo Ramos joined the band as Arcaydium’s new drummer officially in January 2018.Turning a new page in 2018, the band began solidifying their songs and rehearsing more intensely. After a few months of rehearsal, the band performed in “rockalypse 3” before embarking on a local tour of the area, gaining a new fan base. After headlining shows at local venues, the band got the chance to open up for “Jonas and the Massive Attraction”, as well as “Brian Greenway of April Wine”. They continued to play shows at venues all around town, before winning “Best Performance” during the Hudson Music Festival Battle of the bands”, which was streamed online and on television. They continue to partake in shows and competitions all over Quebec and Ontario.Arcaydium is currently recording their debut record, and aiming for release by the ending of 2018.
    Awards 🏆
    Winner and recipients of “best performance” at the Hudson Music Festival Battle of the bands 15-25 (2018)
    Sticky Fingers, Sublime, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, M83,Ocean Alley, Rush, Weezer, Bootleg Rascal, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Genesis,

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